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Like it all on time the product looks great. I can’t wait to use it. Thank you very much.

Heather Taylor

Very cool! My husband loves it!

Hi Heather - Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad your husband loves the Smokeshow . Cheers

Erwin Emge
Quality Package

Unaware I had ordered the Smokeshow starter pack, my son ordered a competitors starter pack. His package had 6 tins that were around 1/4 the size of the Smokeshow tins. The glass cover was cheap and burned easily. Then when we each smokes a glass, he could not get the wood from his set to ignite. He finally tossed the entire kit into the trash and we used my new Smokeshow kit. The videos really helped and we could not be more pleased. Oh, and thanks for including Butane - the competitor kit did not have any.

This is awesome Erwin!!

We're very proud of the work we put into the Smokeshow to make it amazing, and am glad to hear it's showing through in your experience.

Here's to many many more smoky delights in your future. Cheers!

Troy Olson
Easy, tasty, smoky

Received the bundle and tried it out right away. Smoked a glass with ice, super easy, barely uses any of the wood chips, I can tell that the wood tins will last a long time. Cool effect seeing the smoke roll around in the glass. Added Old Fashoned ingredients the the smoke and ice and tasted - it was just as good as the smoked drinks that I get from bars. Bonked the ashes into the sink - so easy and so tasty, great purchase

Thanks for your feedback, Troy. I'm glad you are enjoying the Smokeshow. Cheers

Daniel Boyer
Great starter package

Tried it a few times, some flavors smell better than other and some are stronger to the taste than others.
Product came in well packaged, but was missing the brush. Otherwise, i use it as much as i can and the smoke show is always fun.

Hey Daniel!

Thanks for the review and feedback! If you still have the original packaging, the brush is included inside the bubble bag the smoker is in. It's easily missed since it is small and similar in color to the bag.

If you don't have it anymore reach out to us at hello@smokeshowmixology and we will get started on a replacement for you.